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About eMoped



If the responsibility (fault) lies on the Users, they will have to settle the amount corresponding to the damages. The insurance does not cover the driver’s personal injuries.


Billing and payment

The total amount resulting from the minutes of Service used, including the additional charges provided in damages and penalties regulations, in which the User has incurred, will be issued by eMoped once the User reach $30.00 or every 14 days if the amount is not reached.



The fifteen minutes of reservation are free of charge In case of not starting the trip within this time, the reservation costs $0.30 per minute. Users can only make 3 consecutive reservations. Whit a maximum of 60 minutes reservations. If the 3 reservations are over 90 minutes the user account can be blocked.
It is prohibited to make repeated successive reservations without using the vehicle and eMoped reserves the right to penalise the User if this is the case


designated parking area

Official motorcycle parking bay which has no time limits, meter fees or clearway conditions, which is within the parking area’s designated by eMoped, and where the GPS signal can be detected.