Frequently Asked Questions

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What is eMoped?

eMoped is the first motosharing service in Australia and it is currently operative in Brisbane.
Motosahring consist in renting electric mopeds per minute, which means that you pay
just for your driving time, having a comfortable, fun, fast, sustainable and economical
new way to move around the city.

What is motosharing about?

It is the newest way of urban mobility, where you can ride along the city using one of the
mopeds that you will find throughout the parking lots in Brisbane. Download the app, register
for free, book the nearest moped, ride and park on one of our available parking lots, closest
to your destination. Just paying for the time you ride, feeling free without any attachments.

Where can I use eMoped?

You can ride our mopeds wherever you want, inner or outer city! Remember that it is strictly
forbidden to ride a moped through the motorway, toll roads, footpath and bike lane.
Keep in mind that you must park on one of our available parking lots that
are shown in the app.

What about the sustainability?

Our mopeds are 100% electric and 0% emissions. Pachamama will be proud of you.

How does eMoped work?

  • Download the app.
  • Register, upload your driver license and within 24 hours will be accepted.
  • Book the nearest eMoped on the dashboard map.
  • Reach the moped and ensure that everything is alright.
  • Open the top case with your phone and take the helmet out, of course wear it!
  • Turn the moped on with the app. Remember to put the stand away in order to start the trip.
  • Reach your destination and choose either pause your trip or end it. If you pause your trip,
    you can do it wherever you want (inside or outside the available parkings) however the moped remains under your
    possession, but you must end your trip inside one of the parking lots available.
  • Park on one of the parking lots inside our available area, return the helmets in the top case, end your
    trip and report any damage if necessary.

How can I spot an eMoped vehicle?

Our mopeds are easy to recognize, the bright red will dazzle you. However, the easiest way is just to spot them
using our app. You will see where the mopeds are in every moment.


What is the age required to ride eMoped?
Even our mopeds are easy to ride, you must be older than 18.

Can I ride with my regular driver license?
Absolutely Yes, in Queensland you can drive a moped with your C or RE driver license. Our mopeds are
adapted for two people, but you can just carry a passenger with your RE R class license and must have
held that license for at least 12. We also accept overseas drive licenses.

Do I need insurance to ride?
No, the insurance is included in the price per minut.
We provide you the Allianz CTP insurance.

Do I need to bring my helmet?
No, you can find two helmets in two different sizes (M and L), inside the top case.

Where can I find the moped documentation?
If any documentation is required you can find it inside the top case, under the helmets.

What is the battery range?
Our moped can reach up to 80 km with the 100% of battery, you won’t be able to book
a moped with less than 15% of battery, those will not appear on the map. In the worst
case, if you ride an eMoped with 15% of battery, you could ride up to 12km. Keep in
mind that if your moped runs out of battery you might face the accordingly fine.

Do I have to charge the battery?
It is not necessary, our team will be swapping the batteries with less level for full
charged ones, during the whole day.


How do I register?
Too easy! The registration is always through the app, you cannot sign up using the website.You will find a sign up form, in the app, to
introduce your email and password. Once introduced, you can check our app, but you must complete your registration process by filling
the necessary information (driver license and payment method) through the account tab in the main left menu.
We will accept it within 24 hours.

How do I download the app?
Our app is available in Google Play or Apple Store.

What can I do if I have issue with the registration?
Double check that everything is right, if you think that the information
provided is correct and you still cannot register, contact us through our
live chat in the web site.

After signing up, how does the app work?

It is so easy to move around our app, after the registration is done you will see:

  • Mapp: The main part in the app since you can check the mopeds availability and where do they are located
  • My account: You can update your details as your address, driver license, payment method, etc…
  • How to ride: See a quick tutorial about how does eMoped works.
  • My trips: It is the tab where you can see all the trips that you have done since now.
  • Packs: Purchase credits upfront and you will get good discounts.
  • Share with friends: Invite your people and you will receive credits for free.
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Where can I find an eMoped?
Through the mobile app you can locate all the mopeds that will be shown with an icon.
Tap the preferred moped and see the exact street where is parked.

How do I start the engine?
Once you arrive to the moped, put on your helmet, make yourself comfortable and slide
the mobile app button to unlock the vehicle. Then put the center stand away and you
will see on the moped dashboard “ready” that means that you are ready to go.

Where do I find the helmets?
The helmets will always be in the top case of the moped that you could open it with
the mobile app. Wear the helmet before starting your trip and make sure there are
always two helmets or report if not.We also provide bouffant caps for our customers to put
under your helmet and protect your hair.

How do I know there is enough battery?
Every moped will show the battery level left in the mobile app.
Just make sure there is enough battery to complete your trip.

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Can I use the moped outside the area?
You can ride and pause your trip wherever you like. However, you must
end your trip inside one of the different zones that you will see in the mobile app.
These zones are always parking lots.

Which is the speed limit?

The maximum speed an eMoped can reach is 50km/h.
More than acceptable speed to move around the city
since the speed limit here is around 50- 60km/h.

Where can I ride through?
You only can ride an eMoped through the road. It is strictly
forbidden to drive through the footpath, bikeline or even motorway
and toll roads.

Can another person use my account?
No, eMoped account is unipersonal and non-transferrable since
it is related to a personal insurance. If another person uses
your account the risk is total due to a nullified of the insurance.

Can I bring a passenger?
Of course you can. Carry whoever you want as long as you
got the RE driver license for 12 months at least, and the moped
passenger must be at least 8 years old and their feet must be able to
reach the passengers footrests while seated.

Can I pause my trip?
Pause my trip means you can park the eMoped inside or outside the
delimited zones for a limited time. That allows you to keep the vehicle
under your possession without other customers can use it.
So, go shopping, go to the gym, run some errands and pause your trip for only $0.15/min.

Can I use eMoped during the night?
Yes, you can! The eMopeds are able 24/7. However the help
center will only be open from 6am to 10 pm.


Where can I park?
Inside the mobile app you can see different delimited zones that are parking lots.
There are plenty around the city. You can park in the one you prefer and for sure
following always the law.

How do I return the helmet?
Once you end your trip you have to return your helmet. So just open the
top case and depose the helmet there.

How do I finish my trip?
When you park in one of the parking lots that you will find in the mobile app,
stop the eMoped, put the central stand back, return the helmet and just
tap on end your trip.

Do I have to clean anything?
No, please! Our team will do that work every day to ensure the eMopeds are
in perfect conditions. However, we provide wet wipes for any inconvenience
that maybe some bird can generate.

How can I report a moped damage?
Before your ride we will ask you if the eMoped is in good conditions and
does not have any visible damage or scratch. After your ride, we will ask you
if everything went ok during your trip. It is important to always tell the truth
in order to avoid possible fines.

What if2019-12-02T16:09:35+00:00

My phone runs out of battery?
Not worries at all! Our emopeds have a plug point where you can charge your phone while driving, however, we do not provide the charger wire.

The moped runs out of battery during the trip.
Don’t worry, pause your trip, and contact us through the help center inside the app.

I want to delete my account
If you want to cancel your account just send us a request to

I got fined
During the whole period of your trip and since you park until the other customer
pick the moped you are the responsible of the vehicle. So, you have to obey and
follow the traffic rules and the law.
Any fine will be identified by our team and we will take action accordingly.

I had an accident.
Contact the help center, if it is an emergency you can call: ………………………

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How much I have to pay for the registration?
Nothing! The registration is free of charge. Download the app, sing in and pay only for the minutes you ride.

How much does eMoped cost?
Check our packages prices in www.emoped.com.au, to pay less for the minutes you ride.

Standard fees:

For more information visit our terms and conditions.

Could it be additional charges?

No! helmets, insurance, battery charges and maintenance are all included. You only pay for the
minutes you ride. However, you can face some fines for breaking with the regulations.

Find more information in our terms and conditions.

When and how do I pay?
During the registration at eMoped you will have to provide your credit card or debit details. Then our
system will charge the connected card automatically every time you spend $30.

If you spend less than $30 our system will charge the quantity consumed every 15 days after your last invoice.

If I invite a friend we both receive credits?
Yes indeed, in eMoped we reward you with 5credits for each friend you bring. Your friend will also
get the 5 credits and when they start the first ride you will receive yours.